[Cover] Gold prize_Life in NSYSU - Akshit Mehta_NSYSU It is said that "nature is the best healer" and what if I tell you that you can see the beauty of nature from the comfort of your dormitory rooftop every day during the sunrise and sunset? Yes, NSYSU Internati
Silver prize_Last Fall - Ajcharapa Chuanchai_NCHU The photo is called "Last Fall," and every time you look at it, you will feel like everything is not staying forever, just like a tree's cycle. On the other hand, Our feeling's sadness is with us, happines
Bronze prize_Sunset_Point - Ricky Kurniawan_CCU Every time I feel stressed out about school or personal life, I will always come to this place. I call the place ‘CCU Sunset Point.’ The place is located on the way to my school’s library from the dormitory
Excellent works_Interdependence - Mathurada Keela_NCHU Interdependence: The big tree is like a shade of NCHU, a shelter for animals such as swans, geese, birds, squirrels, etc. It's pretty much like students from different nationalities and languages, bu
Excellent works_Rahul Kumar_NSYSU This hilarious snap was shot by me during the morning walk inside NSYSU campus, Kaohsiung and it became closer to my heart. It showing the love, care and strong bond between a monkey family. Monkeys carry out very similar
Excellent works_Sneaking at Sunset - Piyatida Leelagud_NCHU The view in front of the elevator in the NCHU building for Agricultural Environment Science can be seen after school and when going back home. There will be a distinct mood that will never be rep
NCHU special prize_Before Leaving -Panida Kruaysawat_NCHU I took this picture at main gate of National Chung Hsing University in July 2020 when I was an exchange student. Everyone knew the front gate is the name of the University but fewer people know wha
NCHU special prize_Cloudy Jigsaw - Nopmallee Taechawatchananont_NCHU Cloudy Jigsaw There is no specific way to puzzle jigsaw. Each one of us does not have to have the same beginning. It could be from top-down, down-top, corner-corner, side-side. It depe
NCHU special prize_Lintang Wardyani_The Canopy of trees - Lintang Wardyani_NCHU The canopy of trees in NCHU's sidewalk is one of my favorite place. It does not matter spring, summer, autumn, or winter, the stand tall trees somehow always greet me and say,
NCHU special prize_Peaceful place - ShuJia Tan_NCHU There are a lot of trees in NCHU campus, but this is the place where the trees line up tidy and perfectly. These are the trees line up nearby the stadium of my school. When I was year one, I ride my bike
NCHU special prize_Symbol of NCHU - Md Suzauddula Swan is one of the most beautiful bird. If you visit the campus of National Chung Hsing University you can see some of Swan at the central lake. They are free and play around the lake. Some time they inter
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